Enigma Medium Roast – Ground


Caffe-Dalí's Products

Caffe-Dalí imports its beans directly from growers, from coffee plantations located at 1000 to 2000 plus meters above sea level.


The high altitude ensures a slow and even ripening of the bean and produces a strictly hard bean (SHB) and strictly high grown (SHG) bean loaded with flavor.

We use only Arabica coffee beans picked at the height of ripeness, that are naturally processed, and sun dried, that come from a variety of major growing regions of Central and South America, East Africa and other Pacific Rim coffee producing countries of the world. The trees are of the variety Arabica Bourbon; the plantations are all under shade trees and production practices are in accordance to ecological, social conscience, and specialty coffee considerations.

Our Medium Roast, Dark Roast and Espresso, are the result of a micro roasting process by our Master Roaster, Guillermo Morán, and combined by our Master Blender, Gino Giampedroni, to produce optimum richness, balance and flavor.

Coffee beans used in the Medium and Dark Roast Blends are from Central and South America that have particular