Passione e Compassione


The concept behind the name, is to play off of the recognized innovation and genius of the world famous surreal master, Salvador Dalí. His avant-garde style reflected boldness, passion, and playfulness, but above all, a break from the establishment. The Philosophy behind Caffe Dalí reflects the life and work of Dalí. The pursuit of a vigorous Passion for Life and a heartfelt Compassion for Others are the two emotions which define us in everything that we do.

Passion for the Beauty and Joy of Life is reflected in two ways:

First, Caffe Dalí is all about producing the most delicious blends of incredible coffees in the world. Rarely does a product come along that is universally proclaimed to be the best of the best. That is the goal behind Caffe Dalí.

Second, in creating OPPORTUNITY for hard working, highly motivated individuals by providing the means by which families can be raised and dreams can be met.

Along with creating wealth and empowering individuals, Caffe Dalí is equally passionate about giving back in significant ways. Giving Back to Communities: Schools, Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, Museums, and other Non-Profit Groups through sales programs that fund these institutions. And also directly impacting the lives of the most innocent and the most vulnerable: Kids around the world who are orphans, infected with AIDS, and those who have been sold into prostitution. A minimum of 20% of all Caffe Dalí’s profits will go directly toward rescuing these kids.

Join Caffe Dalí in giving back….by simply drinking the most amazing coffee in the world!