​All over Europe and the Middle East, a great meal is not considered complete without a delicious cup of coffee. Sadly, this wonderful custom has been lost in most American restaurants. With this in mind, part of Caffe-Dalí’s mission is to re-introduce the rich tradition of a great espresso or a rich dark roast as the proper and necessary finish of a fine meal. By providing great restaurants with a coffee so flavorful, customers will remember their experience with Caffe-Dalí.


By providing great restaurants with a coffee so flavorful that customers will actually take note and remember their experience all the more.

​As a restaurateur, you want to give your customers an experience that they will never forget. Caffe-Dalí is a coffee that can stand toe-to-toe with the very best…at a price that will not break the balance sheet.

Caffe-Dalí is available in five pound bags for restaurants only. The price is about two thirds of what you would expect to pay for this level of quality.

A restaurant will get two dozen cups to proudly announce the fun and rich product offered to your guests. Additional cups are available at a substantial discount.

If you so desire, you can offer your guests bags of coffee for purchase. This will create a talking point at your customers’ dinner parties and give them an additional reason to return to your restaurant.